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The Hidden Artist is well known for its Artistic reflections of the area's unique blend of history and natural beauty. Located in the endless changing seasons of rolling farmlands and woodland hills, The Hidden Artist Gallery beautifully captures Jack Paluh's Eastern Indian hunts, Terry Redlin's early American sunsets, Wild Wings wildlife, David Armstrong's country settings and originals from Artist Steve Pazzaglia.

New Prints from Steve Pazzaglia!
Slate Run
From the Edge - Peregrine Falcon
Fly Fishing

New Prints from Steve Pazzaglia!
Take a Moment ~ A Prayer Spot
Take a Moment - Frame View 1
Take a Moment - Frame View 2
Available Now!
Available Now!
Coming Soon!

Ron Van Gilder

The Hidden Artist is running a special on Ron Van Gilder's "The Legends Series".

This is a six print series which retails for $770.00 (unframed).
Our sale price: $500.00 for the whole set (unframed).
The sets are identically numbered. Hurry; there are only two sets remaining.
Sale price does not include shipping.

Below are images from the six-print series.

Old Mossy Horns
Monarch's Morning
Hole In The Horn Buck

Jack Paluh

The Hidden Artist is running a special on Jack Paluh's "IBO Bow Hunting Series".

This is a three-print series and our sale price is $395.00 for the whole set (unframed).
Hurry; there is only one set remaining.
Sale price does not include shipping.

Hunting The Legend
Nocturnal Giant
Artful Dodger

The images below were recently added.
Rooster Coop
Victorian Seasons - Winter
Cartwheeling - Largemouth

Winter Reverence
Autumn Splendor
Pint-Sized Paints

Octagonal Barn

"Octagonal Barn"

Built in the early 1880ís the Octagonal Barn was a Columbia Cross Roads, PA landmark. A sylvan cathedral that its previous owners still remember with great fondness. It was from those memories that the award winning painting was drawn upon. There are no remaining photos yet to be found- Steve Pazzaglia

Celebration of Cows

"Celebration of Cows"

It began when we were young. It began with our first calf. Ideas and inspirations of owning our own cows grew. We grew too. We began to dream of breeding, owning and showing the champion, the best of the best. Dairying became our way of life. Cows are the cornerstone of our business. We care for them, we milk them, we chase them, we fit them, we show them, we get kicked by them, we love these awesome creatures. It is a story that we live because it is who we are. In spite of the hard work, low milk prices and rained on hay, the influence of our cows has given us more joy in life than we ever dreamed possible.- Bonnie Mohr

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